The Owl and The Frog

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Living Fully in your True Nature

All creatures are born into an environment that supports them. All of the sustenance and guidance that an animal needs to become a healthy thriving example of their species is provided by the world they have entered. Each animal has a specific nature: tigers have Tiger nature, owls have Owl nature, and frogs have Frog nature. The swampy water where a tadpole leaves it’s egg contains everything it needs to develop into a healthy frog. He could not have been born in the middle of the ocean or on a frozen mountaintop since those places do not have the resources he needs for survival. Never once does little froggy complain about his home in the swamp. He doesn’t spend his time wishing for owls wings or Tigers striped coat, and absolutely no one expects frog to be anything other than frog. If he were to try with all his might to become an owl or a tiger he would be setting himself up for disappointment since he was born into a frog body in an environment perfectly suited for nice young frogs. If he continues trying to be anything other than what he is, eating things frogs don’t eat, going places frogs don’t go, and so on the results will at best be ridiculous and might even prove to be fatal. This means that all frog needs to do is live fully in his frog mess and she cannot fail. As long as he accepts and dwells in his Frog nature there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it, he will still be a mighty fine frog.
Why do we as humans believe that things don’t work the same way for us? We allow ourselves to be trapped in dead-end relationships or unsatisfying jobs that do not nurture us and then insist on telling ourselves that this is just the way things are. We continually pretend to be things we are no t while having a plethora of negative thoughts and emotions about what we actually ARE. Maybe it has been too long since we have taken time to understand and appreciate our true Nature. Trust that you are currently in the perfect environment to sustain and support the ultimate expression of your ultimate inner nature. The Universe is perfectly aligned for you to thrive and shine in the most fulfilling, beautiful, abundant way imaginable. Allow the tiger it’s Tiger nature, the owl it’s Owl nature, and the frog it’s Frog nature. All you have to do is be really, truly, authentically YOU and failure becomes an impossibility.




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      Thank you for your feedback. This encourages me to write more blog posts! 😉

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