The Master Gardener

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Last night I received a powerful vision during my visit to the Dreamtime.

In the dream my beautiful wife and I were eagerly starting a garden.  The land was freshly prepared with vibrant green seedlings reaching up toward the sun. We were not alone on this homestead, an ancient and experienced farmer was glad to have a new generation to share his vast knowledge with.

I reached down to gather a handful of rich and fragrant Earth, exploring the texture as it sifted through my fingers and imbedded under the nails. The soil was alive with the movement of a thousand tiny legs, seemingly composed entirely of insects. I asked our old mentor what to make of this and he informed us that  the garden grounds have been home to a massive ant colony as long as anyone can remember.

This revelation was alarming and I began to inquire about the level of planning that went into the garden. Why would anyone try to grow food in the middle of a known ant colony? The master gardener assured us that these are special ants with an important job.

Every single day each tiny member of the hive traveled as far as it could in a new direction. They take a bit of dirt from wherever they end up and carry it back to the garden. This process adds strength and health to the soil by constantly delivering fresh new elements and nutrients, intermixing into a fertile compost of diversity.

At this point he began showing us the proper way to graft established growth onto the new shoots. We searched around to gather the healthiest and most lovely examples of food bearing plants; clipping the silky top of a corn stalk, the blossoming branch of a cherry tree, a thorny tendril of blackberry vine. The collected specimens were brought back to the garden and carefully tied onto the undefined bright green hosts planted neatly in rows.

With tender loving care and the miracle of time each host plant began to take on the characteristics of the grafted item. Our garden thrived and grew into lush abundance with a wide selection of delicious edibles ripe for the picking.

And all the while the army of helpful ants continued to replenish the garden soil with tiny pieces of the wider world. Our teacher relaxed in the warm sun and sipped the most refreshing iced tea, smiling with pride at a job well done.

I have meditated on this dream and come to some interpretation of the lessons it provides.

The ants represent our life experience, taking input from far and wide, receiving vital components from a variety of sources. We take in all of the different experiences we have to feed our desires. This garden of life begins with a blank slate, the unidentified host plants ready and able to become whatever crop we choose to best fulfill our needs. It now becomes our mission to carefully choose the things we desire to grow and build in our lives. We select only those “crops” that bring us satisfaction, joy, excitement, and peace. If an element of your life is not feeding you… stop feeding it! We decide what to develop and graft it onto our fresh green shoots of potential.

Now what about the old gardener? This is our timeless inner guide, the part of us that knows very well how to listen to the garden. The wise one understands that the ants are nothing to fear, all of their offerings of new experiences add richness to the soil. The mentor inside of us all is ready to guide our hands towards selecting only the healthiest and most beautiful crops to grow so that we can develop all of our natural passions and gifts, expanding the bounty of our harvest.


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