The Blue Room

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descending into the open mouth of Mother

She is eager to taste our flesh, to breathe our breath

together we disrobe and wade into serene crystaline waters

the dark womblike cave becons us further into her depths

giggles and sighs of pleasure melt into Sacred Song as we enter the echo chamber

ducking beneath stalactites to access the inaccessable

timeless Void surrounds us in mystical blankets of Wonder

ten minutes, ten lifetimes, ten hundred thousand years

spending Time (outside of Time) in this Space (outside of Space)

shaken to the core with bodies irridescent we

rise out of shimmering liquid and enter a kingdom of revrent Silence

climbing barefoot and dripping over jagged rocks we

plant delicate Quartz seeds of the Dream

each prayer-embedded crystal tossed into Holy water

sends ripples of Potential across mirrored surface

cradled in the Peace of her eternal embrace

our seperateness disolves into One Thing

evolves into NoThing

completing the passage through metamorphosis we

emerge from this Earthen cocoon to stretch new wings in the Sun

preparing to take Flight


I recently rediscovered this poem in an old journal.

These words were inspired by a spiritually transformative experience in The Blue Room on the island of Kauai.



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