• “Daniel is a nurturing teacher whom I adore working with. He has a strong intuition in his coaching that compliment his vast knowledge, kind nature and ability to hold a safe space for his clients.

    He instinctively knew how to help me understand the issues I was dealing with more clearly and brought a sense of clarity to what was going on in my life. His perspective was not only helpful, but fun as well. Hearing things from his perspective didn’t just feel like a playback of what I was saying but rather a more introspective look into my deeper self.

    The container Daniel provided for our session helped me feel at ease and I was able to open up to him in a different way than I have with many other coaches. I feel safe and secure opening up about things that are going on in my life without any sense of judgement. The space he held for our session was fun, light-hearted yet grounded at the same time.

    Daniel is the PERFECT coach to reach out to if you are feeling lost or just in need of fresh perspective on something that is going on in your life. I never would have made the connections he did, but once he mentioned them, everything seemed so clear. His advice was powerful and given in a way that felt completely unique to me. I knew he had actually listened with his heart when I spoke with him.”


    –Crystal Gordon

  • “I admire Daniel’s confident yet gentle strength. His workshops have brought me into companionship with other men and taught me that I have the power to create the life I want and make my dreams a reality.”

    –Danny Connelly

  • “Daniel is insightful, intelligent, and practical. He is easy to converse with and has a mind that is constantly generating ideas! He created a customized yoga practice tailored to me specifically that has helped me focus on my areas of need. Daniel fills a space in ways that you ask for, and ones you hadn’t even thought of. He is a powerfully unique individual and you will be better off having involved him in your life!”

    –Willow Eskridge

  • “I have attended several of Daniel’s workshops and always learn something new. His style is insightful, inspirational and fun! I do believe in the benefit of exploring and discovering deeper levels of spirituality and Daniel’s workshops deliver. I would recommend his private sessions, workshops and knowledge to anyone on the path of personal growth and evolution. Daniel demonstrates an extraordinary breadth of metaphysical knowledge.”

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    –Mark O’Brien

  • “I frequently have a ‘lightbulb’ moment with Daniel’s teachings as an idea becomes a reality. When a session with him is over I always feel balanced and ready to take on the day. Daniel is an awesome coach and I highly recommend working with him.”550188_387898347908067_1560778419_n

    –Val Ingham

  • Daniel’s yoga class is my favorite way to start the day. After class I feel rejuvenated, strong and accomplished. His style of teaching includes the mind, the body and the spirit. He opens our minds to ways of thinking that calm and soothe the soul. He is patient and kind and carries with him a quiet unassuming strength. His positive attitude and welcoming personality are very refreshing in today’s world.”

    –Cheryl Jackson

  • Daniel is an outstanding and exuberant teacher. His voice and presentation are encouraging and insightful. He makes me feel strong and that I can do anything I set my mind to. His manner is so user friendly and he is always ready and available to assist in helping me reach my goals. I always look forward to his classes and lessons.”

    –Bobbie Wilkens-Bischoff