Daniel Alcyone is a cross-disciplinary artist and community organizer that has designed and executed many campaigns of street based art, both guerrilla and commissioned, individual and collaborative. The site-specific and temporary nature of his work has gone viral and been embraced both locally and internationally. His installations use approachable and unexpected materials to bring moments of connectivity, vibrancy and mystery to public spaces that are forgotten or underutilized. By dispersing variations on a general theme throughout an area the work reveals itself to the public like a colorful city-wide art-filled Easter Egg hunt. The overall theme and drive behind Daniel's public expression is to enhance the viewer's sense of larger patterns and currents of transformation in community (people) and environment (place). His work has atracted a large following in the global street art scene through social media, been featured in books (Seattle Street Art volumes 2 and 3) and been the focus of a KING 5 "Making a Difference" network television segment. He continues to draw inspiration from and interact with his surroundings while encouraging others to embrace their freedom of expression and create a visual dialogue in the public spaces we all share.

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The Medium As The Message

Reclaiming the streets by encouraging citizens to release their personal message in a non-destructive way.

Daniel was commissioned by the city of Tacoma to create site specific temporary designs along Pacific Avenue to add life to the area during a massive construction project. He chose to add an element of surprise and performance to the project by doing the installations anonymously as the "Green Flash". Learn more about the project in the first segment of this video...