“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” - Lao Tzu

Welcome truth seeker!

Are you tired of feeling like a hamster in a wheel?

Like you just keep working harder and are getting nowhere for your efforts?

Are you stuck in negative cycles that seem to keep repeating no matter what you do?

Are you convinced that you just have bad luck or that you aren’t worthy of REAL happiness?

You know that life can be so much better but don’t understand how to get there or where to start. You are finally ready for a big change, but are afraid of what that will mean. You either feel lonely in a room full of people or can’t stand being alone. You keep chasing after the next solution because any satisfaction you find doesn’t last long. You have a challenging time trusting people and an even harder time trusting yourself.

I understand your pain because I’ve been there.

I was overworked and overstressed. My first marriage was cold and sexless. I ran from my problems and escaped in drugs and alcohol. My physical health was poor, my emotional health was worse, and my spiritual health was nonexistent. I was depressed, angry, and bitter. To avoid really FEELING anything I shut my emotions down in a fog of numbness and apathy. I felt like an alien, a weirdo, like nobody would ever understand me. I was deeply in debt and scared about the future. My entire life was a facade and I was just a bad actor going through the motions.

That pain and disconnection feels like a lifetime ago because absolutely everything has changed!

In a time of spiritual isolation and desperation I found yoga and dove into the practice head first. I learned how to exercise my body and gain control of my rollercoaster emotions and restless mind. For the first time in my life I began to recognize that my thoughts, emotions, and actions create my world. I became deeply committed to my personal healing and growth as I learned from many sources and gained clarity about my life purpose. My mission is to help you break free from your cage and soar fearlessly and confidently into the life you desire. I have transformed my own life and I am here now to support your personal evolution!

I am ecstatic about all levels of my existence! My life is stress free and I set my own schedule doing work that I love. Every single day I am thankful to wake up with my amazing and beautiful wife by my side. Our relationship is hot, passionate, supportive, exciting and hilarious. I am sober with more clarity, strength, and vitality than ever before. A deep connection with the Divine flows through me constantly filling my life with Peace and Love. With a regular meditation practice I am confidently comfortable in the present moment. All my energetic and material needs are met and I am supported by this abundant universe. I deeply love myself as I fearlessly walk the path I have chosen. I know my purpose and am thrilled to be living it!

At the core of this transformation is Self Discovery.

You can live the life of your dreams. You already have all the power you need to create the change you desire and I can teach you how to use it. I am here to help you recognize your gifts so that you can accomplish your goals and embrace your destiny. By beginning the process of Self Discovery you are able to see your life with fresh eyes and a clear perspective. In order to achieve revolutionary advancement in your personal evolution it is important to know your trajectory. The Self Discovery Session helps you to:

  1. Acknowledge where you came from
  2. Understand where you are now
  3. Visualize where you are going
  4. Learn what it will take to get there

This session is like turning on the light in a dark room so that you can see what you’re really working with.

Then I will help you create a roadmap to the NEW YOU!

  • Clean out the emotional “cobwebs” and mental clutter
  • Become aware of negative patterns and learn how to break them
  • Create healthy habits to support health on all levels
  • Eliminate negative self image and damaging beliefs
  • Weave the Sacred into every aspect of life
  • Celebrate your strengths and skills
  • Leave the drama behind and find true peace
  • Identify what is not working so you can let it go
  • Learn powerful techniques for your specific needs
  • Amplify your Awesome!!!

You are ready to take the next step for your personal progress.

Book a Self Discovery Session and break through limitations.


Working with Daniel Alcyone will turbocharge your personal progress. He provides practical real world solutions to heal old wounds and break negative patterns.

  • Manifest your ideas into reality
  • Gain confidence in relationships
  • Discover deeper levels of spirituality
  • Learn how to forgive, trust, and love yourself
  • Receive insight into the root causes of your problems
  • Develop practical tools and techniques for emotional mastery
  • Heal your relationship with family, with money, and with the Divine
  • Become fully empowered to create the life you desire
  • Feel completely safe, secure, and at ease in your process
  • Get the honest, understandable answers you’ve been searching for

crystal"Daniel is a nurturing teacher whom I adore working with. He has a strong intuition in his coaching that compliment his vast knowledge, kind nature and ability to hold a safe space for his clients.

He instinctively knew how to help me understand the issues I was dealing with more clearly and brought a sense of clarity to what was going on in my life. His perspective was not only helpful, but fun as well. Hearing things from his perspective didn’t just feel like a playback of what I was saying but rather a more introspective look into my deeper self.

The container Daniel provided for our session helped me feel at ease and I was able to open up to him in a different way than I have with many other coaches. I feel safe and secure opening up about things that are going on in my life without any sense of judgement. The space he held for our session was fun, light-hearted yet grounded at the same time.

Daniel is the PERFECT coach to reach out to if you are feeling lost or just in need of fresh perspective on something that is going on in your life. I never would have made the connections he did, but once he mentioned them, everything seemed so clear. His advice was powerful and given in a way that felt completely unique to me. I knew he had actually listened with his heart when I spoke with him."

Crystal Gordon

fabian“It was a true pleasure and a honor to have a Self Discovery Session with Daniel. I felt it was the right time and the right information that I needed for the next steps in my evolution. Synchronicity is working for me! He provided me with practical steps to address my areas of concern and I’m very motivated to start my action items right away. I will surely continue working with Daniel to have more milestone moments and breakthroughs. I’m very grateful that our paths met and the opportunity to do this work of personal transformation.”

Fabian Heilmann

550188_387898347908067_1560778419_n“I frequently have a ‘lightbulb’ moment with Daniel’s teachings as an idea becomes a reality. When a session with him is over I always feel balanced and excited about everything life has in store. Daniel is an awesome coach and I highly recommend working with him.”

Val Ingham

10599618_10204485563964005_3127478990118148086_n“I have attended several of Daniel’s workshops and always learn something new. His style is insightful, inspirational and fun! I do believe in the benefit of exploring and discovering deeper levels of spirituality and Daniel’s workshops deliver. I would recommend his private sessions, workshops and knowledge to anyone on the path of personal growth and evolution. Daniel demonstrates an extraordinary breadth of metaphysical knowledge.”

Mark O’Brien

willowDaniel is insightful, intelligent, and practical. He is easy to converse with and has a mind that is constantly generating ideas! Daniel fills a session in ways that you ask for, and ones you hadn’t even thought of. He is a powerfully unique individual and you will be better off having involved him in your life!”

Willow Eskridge

danny“I admire Daniel’s confident yet gentle strength. His guidance has taught me that I have the power to create the life I want and make my dreams a reality. He brings a spiritual perspective to every conversation while maintaining a great sense of humor."

Danny Connelly


Daniel Alcyone is a constant conscious creator and a modern mystic. He is a certified yoga instructor, public artist, spiritual consultant, and intuitive guide. The Ecstatic Existence podcast he produces transmits high-vibe inspirational content throughout the world and interviews leading experts in the fields of alternative health and elevated consciousness. Daniel infuses radiant love, enthusiasm, and presence into every project he works on. He is on a mission to awaken the abundance of personal power lying dormant within you and is proud to be on the cutting edge of modern mysticism.


© 2016 - Daniel Alcyone