Potholes in your Path

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As we travel along our path in life we are occasionally going to encounter potholes in the road. These holes are our own patterns and habits of negativity, self doubt, judgement, anger, depression, jealousy, passivity, unnecessary drama, bullying, whining, addiction, and the list goes on. Most of the holes are small and pose very little threat to our forward momentum, just a momentary bumpy ride, a passing discomfort. However, we need to be aware that each of us have personal pitfalls that are far deeper and more treacherous. These are the craters and sinkholes that are deep and dark enough to swallow us whole, completely derailing our progress until we scramble back up to the surface feeling cold, scared, bruised and bloodied, blinded by the light after our time spent in the gloom, confused about which direction we were heading when we fell. More often than not it becomes impossible to escape the hole on our own and we need help from outside, someone else to throw us a rope.

So our continued work is to look further ahead on the path we are traveling and begin to notice the signs of ruts, pits, and holes that we are vulnerable to falling into. Once we become aware of these dangerous areas and can safely navigate around them we get the opportunity to peek into the depths. We can look down at the murky water with clear eyes, acknowledging what is there without falling in and getting soaked to the bone. Once momentum is broken it can be extremely difficult to get started again. How much easier will it be to change your direction for a couple steps and avoid the hole entirely? Stay dedicated to forward progress on your path in life but don’t be so stubborn or distracted that you can’t take a step to the side when necessary.

But what if you don’t like the idea of “side-stepping”?

You can build a bridge or a rope swing, pole vault, manifest a jetpack, anything you can imagine to NOT fall in those holes!


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