An Astral Journey

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Last night I entered the Astral Realm in my dream-state. It was so vividly real, yet nothing looked like what we typically refer to as “reality”. My consciousness was flying through multidimensional space-time and I was simultaneously in my pure Energy Body and in holographic physicality.

Complex geometric figures surrounded me, moved through me, and became me. Clusters of stars connected their celestial dots and birthed laser grid constellation forms. These morphing shapes, multilayered, multifaceted, and iridescent, gravitated towards me so that I could activate them with a touch and set them in motion.

These cosmic Rubik’s Cubes that were not cubes at all were each reconfigured into a new pattern and assigned a new trajectory into the vastness of infinity. Everything was illuminated from within, a rainbow hued display of Light. My transparent spectral hands the size of planets, my entire Being filled with the essence of Astronomical Joy.

I was able to effortlessly create new forms from nothingness and reduce other forms into pure energy to be recycled for greater purposes. I was at the intersection of Divine Work and Divine Play, each movement made with exceptional Purpose and Importance, incredible Speed and Clarity. Overflowing with Peace and Happiness I became an intricate instrument of Boundless Bliss, with the precision of gears inside the finest watch and the freedom to move in any direction imaginable simultaneously.

As I began to return into my physical body this amazing sensation and wordless, timeless knowing remained with me. While my consciousness returned to flesh I started to notice and appreciate all of my bodily sensations with magnified detail and heightened sensitivity. It felt nearly orgasmic to move my foot one inch under the sheets, the delicious sound of silence playing in the morning air like a sensual symphony. I remained in this state for as long as I could maintain it, half in the majesty of pure energy creation, and half in my physical structure, riding waves of ecstasy.

While in this junction between two overlapping states of existence, I knew everything that would happen in the physical world a moment before it did. My wife would move or stretch sleepily and I could move in sync with her, completely knowing and understanding not just the movement, but the energy behind the movement before it began.

It became clear to me as my waking and reasoning mind started to focus that what I was seeing is the x-ray energy structure of all the actions in my life. Everything I do, each action and interaction, all that I create and transform, all that I put energy into and move with acts of will. This myriad of things stripped of physical form, existing on a level of depth above and beyond their tangible, touchable structures. This is the unseen world that underlies the realm of the senses.

This is the Cosmic Reality of existence.


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